01 November 2014

reality is politically incorrect

This powerful video has gotten SOOO much attention and I love that because I'm VERY anti Catcalling, but now the new headline has been made into a racial one, which I find annoying because yes, it's also part of the ugly truth, minority men ehhhhHem, blacks and latinos in my personal experience, are THE WORST offenders.

NPR came out with an article : 'Video Calls Out Catcallers, But Cuts Out White Men' to continue the conversation. And what it said the regular blah blah blah, but then the first comment I read below the article was spot on!

David Golann •

" I have lived in New York City for 5 years and I can tell you that cat calling is worse in minority neighborhoods. It just is, and the video reflects that. It's the reality of the situation. The video is going to be politically incorrect because reality is politically incorrect.

The reasons why there is more catcalling in minority neighborhoods are complex. It is obviously not due to the racial ancestry of the people involved. To believe that would, in fact, be racist. Instead, it is a complex cultural issue that is largely above my paygrade.

I think working class men anywhere are more likely to catcall than white collar men, who express their misogyny in more subtle ways.

The problem is that white working class men have departed from most of the inner boroughs of NYC. You don't see white working class men in the video any more than you hear the old working class white accent "fugghedaboudit" anymore. They are just gone.

The white people in the inner boroughs of NYC are now educated transplants and gentrifiers, who just don't catcall that much. I don't claim these white gentrifiers are all good people or feminists. But generally they don't catcall. "

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