03 September 2014

4 day work week = higher productivity & greater happiness = Winning!

I'm a HUGE fan of the corporate culture shifting towards integrating both the Living to work and working to live mentality. Its not one or the other, its both. We want meaningful work but we also have a life outside this work. And both are important.

Much of my knowledge started with learning about Google Company Culture and their flexible work week,  casual dress, free food on site, extracurricular activities, game rooms, nap rooms, etc... insane right? nope. Its not just google anymore. Its spreading. Whole foods is transparent about salaries! whoa. that's awesome. The Motley Fool has unlimited vacation days, lets you bring your dog to work, has not policies but rather figured out a way to create a culture around desired behaviors.

Now I work from an office in DC that has free PBs&Js! Coffee! sodas, beers, wine, and occasional lunches provided along with a treadmill desk people can sign up for to get the blood flowing, and for that 3pm slump a number of spaces where comfy couches can pull you thru those last few emails of the day.

And these places are not doing this just because they are saints or like free food or bringing their dog to work but because it's actually better for business.

>>> This Salon Article <<< spells it out, but here are the cliff notes:

1. Makes workers more productive.
2. Good for the environment.
3. Makes employees happier.
4. Creates a healthier workforce.
5. Brings America into the 21st century.

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